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Hello there! I’m Heather, the face behind Little Birdie Photography! I am a twenty-something mom to 3 amazing little boys – Brady, Jack, and my littlest Lane. Catering to their three wildly different personalities has really allowed me to familiarize myself with the quirks of childhood. I am very laid back and love to let them be little. They constantly surprise me, make me laugh, and challenge me to be a better person.

My journey into photography began over 20 years ago when my best friend Katie and I were busted by her mom for taking an entire roll of film’s worth of pictures of our bottoms! While it is a hilarious story now, her mom didn’t think so at the time! I eventually dabbled a bit in digital design/graphic arts and it brought me to where I am today. While I was editing photos taken by others I quickly realized I wanted the photos to be ones I had taken.  I believe life is all about surrounding yourself with people that will love you, make you stronger, and support your dreams. I have changed so much over the past couple years, and I am inspired daily now.

Life happens whether we are ready or not. How you choose to remember it is up to you. I like to think that I don’t just snap a picture, but offer an experience. When I take your photos I am giving your family an evening away from TV, phones, computers, video games — a time to be together. A time to laugh and play. A time to connect. Allow me to capture that for you.

Thank you for taking a moment to get to know me – I can’t wait to get to know you!



September 26, 2012 - 1:57 pm

caroline - really impressed heather… loving your photos and your site. planning on having kids sooner so i can get your photo skills ;]

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