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Avett: NICU Session | DC Baby Photographer

“Hey… I will update when I know more but Baby and I are headed to Fairfax, there are lung issues… fluid in his lungs, may be having him today and he will need to be in the NICU”

That was the email I received from Lindsley the morning of March 6, 2014. She had been scheduled for a c-section in April and had already scheduled her Fresh 48 for the day after Avett’s birth. I assured her that I would find a way to document Avett no matter what. Going to Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, DC when Avett was about 6 weeks old was an amazing experience. I was so blessed to spend a couple hours with these two.

Taken from the “Praying for Baby Avett” Facebook page:

Avett was born via emergency c-section at Fairfax INNOVA hospital in Fairfax, VA. We found out that morning, through a chance ultrasound, that Avett was going to be born with a significant amount of fluid in and around his lungs. Once he was born, he was put on a breathing tube immediately. The NICU team at Fairfax told us when Avett was about 3 hours old that he was on the highest amount of support they could give him…meaning that if anything started to go downhill for our son, they were already exhausting all of their options with him. We were told it would be a good idea to consider sending him to DC Children’s Hospital..via helicopter. The helicopter team picked up our baby when he was a mere 5 1/2 hours old. He was placed on an ECMO machine, which is heart and lung bypass. The updates below are about Avett’s progress, our prayer requests, and how God is healing our baby boy. We thank everyone who stands with us in praying for Avett.

I am happy to report that Avett is currently 6 months old, still bright eyed, and doing amazingly well! He is one of the most darling babies I have ever seen. I smile from ear to ear whenever Linds posts a photo of him!



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