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A Warrior in Pink v.2 | Front Royal, Va Family Photographer

This could alternately be titled “The 14 Minute Session” because it was blistery cold and the wind was whipping. Sharon was in amazing spirits. I knew she was once she said “My hair is going to get messed up!”;)

Once a year I like to donate a session to a family that has been faced with breast cancer. I say family as opposed to individual because it is the family that fights, supports, comforts, and prays.

Here is Sharon’s story:

I have been diligent about getting breast exams and mammograms, all resulting normal. The last breast exam being in April. One day this past June I was looking in the mirror and noticed my right nipple was sunken in and the breast looked different. I immediately called my primary care doctor and they scheduled a mammogram for that next day. I went in for my mammogram and after it was over the radiologist came in and scheduled an ultrasound of my right breast that same day. I knew something wasn’t right. I then had to tell my family a breast biopsy was ordered. That then confirmed that I had stage 3A invasive ductile carcinoma. Within 2 weeks I had my medi-port placed and first chemo treatment started. I had six chemo treatments total, one every three weeks. With the exception of a few days here and there I felt very good during that time. After the chemo was finished I had a mastectomy. The pathology report showed a complete pathologic response, which means the chemo killed all the cancer cells in the breast and lymph tissue involved. I will now undergo radiation for five weeks to prevent the cancer from returning. During this journey I have had a very strong family and friend support group and many many prayers sent up for me. My belief that God is in control helped me conquer the fear of this dreaded disease. From the beginning, I have had a wonderful sense of peace that. The Lord knows best and he will walk with me every step of the way.

Sharon is CANCER FREE!!  Such amazing news!  Thank you Boyles family for allowing me to do this for you.



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February 21, 2014 - 12:00 pm

Kensie - Gorgeous! What am amazing gift!!!!

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