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When a Little Birdie met a Drumming Beetle… | Warrenton, Virginia Children’s Photographer

One day I was contacted by a Facebook friend about getting together and doing a shoot for her line of home-sewn children’s goodies – Drumming Beetle. Things didn’t work out that first time, but boy am I glad they didn’t. I am glad because when he got together this time it was like the planets aligned, the sun was magnificent, and her children were so incredibly adorable. They are like little hobbits (she will tell you herself;)). Rebecca is awesome. She recently shaved her head for child cancer awareness, and I must add that she can ROCK a shaved head! I highly encourage going to her Facebook and checking out her tea seats, fruits, veggies, and all of the other delicious cuteness that she has to offer. You can thank me later.


Can you even believe this sunlight? Swoon…
This is a face little sisters make when big brothers say “I’ll pretend I like you, but only for this picture” …;)
Rebecca and I have a few collaborations we are working on for next year, and I seriously cannot wait to see them come to life. She is so talented and I am honored that she asked me to do this for her.


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