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Adam + Michelle | Front Royal, Va Engagement Photographer



Two things I know are true: Shelly loves Adam and Adam loves Legos (and Shelly too, of course)!

He is a fun-loving kid at heart and you can tell that she keeps his feet on the ground. Together they make an incredible team.

When Adam approached me about an idea he had for a sidewalk chalk engagement photo (yes, his idea – how awesome is that?) I was really excited. I suggested we also get a few “mantle shots” and little did I know when I walked into their backyard I would be walking into a lush garden with a tree line that perfectly framed them. The sunlight… oh, the sunlight. It was perfect.

Just looking at these photos you can tell how in love they are. I’m in love with their love. It is contagious.



What do you get when you mix a photographer that is afraid of heights and a 6 foot ladder? This:

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